Music Solutions: Introducing the Digicori Platform

AFRICORI has partnered with DIGIPLUG (an ACCENTURE company) to provide turnkey
solutions to your digital music retail offering.

Key Features

AGGREGATION: Africori aggregates media files, metadata and rights information from a variety of rights holders covering a range of product types (audio, video, e-book and images) for online and mobile usage.

CATALOGUE MANAGEMENT: Africori creates catalogues of available content for each retail storefront that is connected to the platform – each one is unique and dynamically updates based on agreed terms of use and sales campaigns.

METADATA DELIVERY: Africori exports the product metadata to a retail storefront through a standard XML interface. As an alternative, Africori can expose the catalogue via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

CONSUMER DELIVERY: When a retail storefront notifies Africori of a consumer order through an easy-to-implement API, Africori provides a link to the content enabling the consumer to download/stream content on an à-la-carte or on-demand basis to a range of devices.

RETAIL API: Africori provides a range of APIs enabling retail storefronts with the back-end capabilities to create compelling user experiences – including device recognition, search, and recommendations.

REPORTING: Reporting data is available throughout the solution to monitor and track activities.

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT: Our industrialized operations and support team offer proactive and reactive assistance to clients and their retail channel partners.

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